hey im kim and i'm a little too invested on a group of dumb asses called the creatures


When you see your pack member make love to are enemy image

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panelists: username, username, username, seamus, username

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put your open lips on mine and slowly let them shut, for they’re designed to be  t o g e t h e r

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So much ice

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Jordan Appreciation Post

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creature meme - favorite friendship

↳ kootra & danznewz

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Title: Just Click It
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flail gif photo: Kootra Arm Flail 3 Arm-Flail-3-1.gif

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hey guys i know today has been one of the most stressful, if not THE most stressful day ever in the fandom, but we’re okay. the boys are okay. that’s the most important thing right now. let’s give ourselves, and them, some breathing room and take a break. go do something to distract yourselves. i know we’re all dying to do something but there’s not much we can do at the moment except show our support and love. i’m sure they’ll talk about it at some point but let’s just be grateful everyone is okay and our boys are still with us. xo

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i love jordan more than i love myself so this is a very troubling time

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